From 17th to 19th May, the geecon 2017 will take place in Krakow. There, Henning Schwentner will be holding his talk Value types – The Next Big Thing for Java.

Oracle has announced: after lambdas in Java 8 and modules in Java 9, the next big thing for Java will be the support for value types directly in the programming language. With this Java is getting a feature that other languages have already had for some time. In this talk we will look at:

  • what’s behind the motto “Codes like a class – works like an int”
  • why value types make your code at the same time better readable and more efficient
  • the difference between reference and value types
  • the new syntax to support value types in Java
  • how value types are implemented in other languages
  • what inheritance means for value types
  • the advantages of storing data on the stack versus storing data on the heap

Date & Venue
On May 19th, at 9 o’clock in Krakow (Multikino Kraków)

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