Last Friday, Dr. Stefan Klotz, Managing Director of the Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer (LSBG), accepted the German Engineering Award Road and Traffic in Dessau. The software roads is a pioneer in the field of digital roadworks coordination and won the first prize in the category Innovation.

roads takes 1st place in the category Innovation

“According to the jury, the regional company succeeded in linking the complex requirements of the various construction departments, which sometimes intervene sensitively in road traffic with their construction measures, in a contemporary and forward-looking way – at local, district and state level within Hamburg and beyond. The innovative power of this new roadworks coordination is not only the interlinking of a difficult traffic situation, but even more the fact that events such as large-scale concerts, which can have an enormous effect on traffic, can be displayed and planned. This would effectively minimize the burdens on all stakeholders – construction workers as well as road users and residents. The jury not only sees great potential for further development, but also hopes that this program will also be used in other agglomerations.”

Translated extract from the official press release of the BSVI

German Engineering Award 2017