Angular @ WPS Part 4: Avoid Component Class Inheritance

2019-04-17T14:57:35+02:0017. April 2019|

Part 4 of our “Angular Pattern Library” deals with avoiding component class inheritance. When looking at a component, one has to be aware that it consists of a class AND a template. And these two are rather tightly coupled to each other.

Angular @ WPS: Best Practices for Not Getting Lost When Building Real-World Applications

2018-12-07T15:34:48+02:007. December 2018|

Using web frameworks has become an extremely popular choice for developing applications. Since last year at WPS we find ourselves developing web applications for our customers using Angular. But its benefits don't come for free. Without a good architecture and appropriate development techniques you may and up in a mess.

roads was awarded the German Engineering Award in the category Innovation

2018-08-21T20:02:06+02:0022. September 2017|

roads has received the German Engineering Award for Road and Traffic. In the category "Innovation" roads had made it among the last three and was awarded as winner in Dessau on September 22nd.