The PORTprotect application was developed in cooperation with the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) in order to support the disaster protection in the port of Hamburg.


The crisis team of the port of Hamburg is called HASTA and is one of the city’s regional disaster response teams. During a disaster or storm situation, it has the task to take all actions necessary in order to protect the population and industry located in the port. Members of the HASTA are recruited from the HPA staff and supported by advisors from police and fire departments. In case of a disaster situation, it is important to combine different skills and expertise in such a way that the best decisions are made. In order for this often time critical cooperation to succeed, the crisis team requires reliable digital support. Easy-to-learn interaction is a key requirement, since there is almost no everyday use of the system.


PORTprotect consists of three interlinked applications. The main focus is a transparent and clear overview over the current situation in the port. The overview has to be complete but also simple and easy to understand. Digital reporting enables crisis team members to log and send reports about current events, thereby contributing to the common situation overview. A touch-table supports the interdisciplinary cooperation and accelerates decision-making.