There are about 25,000 roadworks per year in the Hamburg street network. In order to minimize the interferences/disturbances in traffic flow, a careful coordination of these roadworks is required. Together with the Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer (LSBG), we are developing ROADS (Roadwork Administration and Decision System) – a software system consisting of several types of workplaces. Therefore, a wide range of tasks and processes can be linked with one another in order to simplify roadworks coordination.

ROADS has been awarded the German Engineering Award Road and Traffic by the BSVI (Bundesvereinigung der Straßenbau- und Verkehrsingenieure) in the category Innovation.


  • Coordination of the presentation of long planning horizons (> 20 years) with the growing uncertainty for long-term planning with a minimum of information
  • Georeferenced overview of all planned construction measures
  • Joint presentation of place and period
  • Planning games with planning changes (simulation of planning changes)
  • Revision-safe historicization of measures
  • Consideration of detours and heavy load routes
  • Consideration of events such as holidays or major events
  • Definition of rules for maintaining traffic flow, e.g. ensure accessibility to important destinations such as airports and hospitals
  • Modeling dependencies between measures
  • Flexibly configurable overall process: coordination, approval, approval and monitoring of the execution
  • Linking the measures with external systems, e.g. documents or project planning procedures
  • Planning and approval of cooperative measures certain carriers


Planning a large number of construction measures in the medium to long term while taking into account the impact on road traffic is a considerable challenge. If a large number of building projects are to be coordinated, it is difficult to identify temporal and spatial overlaps as well as potential impairments. Often the overview is almost completely lost. A pure map view of the construction sites is not enough, because it is not clear which of the building measures should take place at the same time. If only the periods of time are considered, the responsible persons do not see whether construction projects taking place at the same time are at all spatially adjacent.

The ROADS software provides a simple and extremely effective answer to these problems: by directly comprehensible color coding of the construction measures on a map the responsible persons at a glance see the connection between spatial and temporal location and can quickly assess possible interactions between different construction measures. This is a quantum leap in construction planning. To this revolutionary approach in the software ROADS numerous additional functions, which make ROADS of the choice for modern construction planning.

Sophisticated workplace concept

Individual workplace – Desk

  • Use of desktop and laptop computers
  • Planning of measures in detail
  • Review and approval of measures
  • Information to all stakeholders
  • Administration of the application

Planning table as a group workplace – Table

  • Plan together in a group at a multitouch-table
  • Alternatives can be tested interactively and conflicts can be solved together

Management board (for meetings) – Board

  • Decision-makers evaluate the planning on a large image monitor / projector, make decisions and set priorities

Mobile workplace (planned)

  • Access to relevant data on site
  • Mobile recording
  • Operates under all popular operating systems, optimized for the phone and tablet

Web workplace (planned)

  • Integration of external stakeholders in the planning, e.g. engineering firms, subordinate authorities

Information workplace – Web

  • Web-based citizen information platform


  • Minimally invasive integration of existing procedures (adapter interface)
  • Integration of existing systems compatible with common GIS formats
  • Export to all popular GIS formats
  • Connection of any other formats via special adapters
  • Roles-based rights concept (connection to LDAP, ActiveDirectory)
  • Configuration of any WMS layer



Martin Züllighoven
Martin Züllighoven


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