Intelligent roadwork planning with traffic flow forecasts


The solution to optimise traffic flow

TRIAS – Traffic Roadworks Impact Assessment – is a tool that WPS developed together with PTV Group and LSGB (Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer) for traffic flow forecasting and impact analysis of construction measures.

Many cities in Germany and Europe are growing and densifying. At the same time, the shuttle traffic is increasing on the edge of metropolitan areas. Construction measures that temporarily reduce road capacity are becoming increasingly problematic as capacities are failing to scale linearly with the projected increase in traffic. Thus, the demand for intelligent traffic planning is growing. Well known software solutions that support the planning of construction measures, however, provide little or no information about their impact on traffic flow and route capacities during the construction period. This is where TRIAS comes in.


Software for better decisions

TRIAS simulates the effects of construction measures on the expected traffic situation and provides intuitively understandable decision-making aids for different planning variants. With this new software, traffic planners, coordinators and decision-makers can plan construction sites more intelligently and improve traffic flow.


Driving cleaner through the city

The use of TRIAS software has a long-term, positive side effect: Smarter planning effectively contributes to the reduction of CO2, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions in cities.


Easy-to-use software solution

WPS contributes the intuitive frontend of the award-winning software ROADS (Roadwork Administration and Decision System) to the TRIAS software and PTV provides the powerful backend of the leading, multi-modal traffic flow simulation software PTV Visum.

When development on TRIAS began, WPS already had developed the ROADS (Roadwork Administration and Decision System) application as a tool for coordinating construction measures in Hamburg (as part of a research project). The second component of TRIASPTV Visum, models the traffic system of the city in order to analyse current problems and identify opportunities for optimisation.

For the first time, users from the municipal context are provided with an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use software solution that brings strategic roadwork planning to an operational level. It can be operated even by non-experts without a background in traffic engineering. Thus, the traffic impact of planned construction measures can be analysed and alternatives can be evaluated.

TRIAS achieves great success in Hamburg, Germany

The LSGB, the highest construction authority in Hamburg, is already using TRIAS successfully. And the traffic flow forecast is also in live operation at the Traffic Control Centre Verkehrsleitzentrale.

Benefits for LSBG

  • Site coordinators can simulate the effects of construction measures with associated interventions in traffic control, such as roadway narrowing, lane closures or redirections
  • The simulation tools can be used to run through different variants and construction site constellations and to examine their compatibility for traffic
  • Even new colleagues, who have not been working in the field that long, can make informed decisions with the help of the tool

Benefits for the Traffic Control Centre (TCC)

  • Police officers in the TCC can simulate the traffic impact of disruptions in the traffic network caused by special and ad hoc events, being empowered to proactively initiate traffic stabilisation measures
  • Using the simulation tools, redirection recommendations for drivers can be forwarded to the radio stations (TIC messages)
  • The TCC gives car drivers the option of avoiding congestion situations based on distance – and taking into account daily obstacles such as road works, closures and traffic jams into account

Why TRIAS is the right software

Holger Breitling, Member of the Management at WPS, sees the use of a tool like TRIAS as absolutely necessary in view of urban densification and the simultaneous increase in inner-city traffic: „Cities need support for smart construction planning. With the TRIAS software, the people who are responsible can immediately see how planning alternatives for construction measures affect the traffic flow – before the measures are planned in detail.“

Peter Möhl, Director Sales Traffic – DACH region and East Europe PTV Group, agrees with Holger Breitling: „Large cities grow and densify, the picture is similar for many medium-sized cities. Planning software must be able to keep up with this. TRIAS combines the validity and performance of PTV Visum with an intuitive front end. This allows administrations to find the best solution for planning scenarios while flattening the learning curve for powerful simulation software.“

Video: TRIAS German presentation

Are you interested in the TRIAS software for strategic roadwork planning and improvement of the traffic situation and would like to learn more about it? Please get in touch with our contact persons. We look forward to hearing from you!

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