DELEGS – ‘Learning German with sign language’ is the online presence of the project ‘Writing language acquisition for deaf people with Web 2.0 techniques’. The aim of this project is to encourage the German competences of deaf people in order to give them better opportunities in professional and private life. We actively support this project by developing software that supports the learning process.

What is signwriting?

The signwriting is a system of writing with which the sign language can be held. The sign language consists of easy-to-understand symbols representing hand forms, movements, execution points, and various mimic expressions of gestures. Signed pictures depict individual gestures and are well comprehensible. With a gesture, we strike a bridge between German sign language and German literary language.

What is the delegs editor?

The delegs editor is an online platform for creating texts in signwriting. It is free of charge and can be used without installation. The delegs editor allows the exchange of documents in signwriting. In the classroom, it is an optimal way for comparison of German and signwriting. In its dictionary, there are about 23,000 records so far.