GeneAL is the abbreviation for ‘Generische Architektur für Leitstände’ (Generic architecture for control rooms). In control rooms, operators use software to monitor and control industrial equipment and processes. There are two major challenges for the software systems used. On the one hand, information from a wide range of sources must be brought together. On the other hand, operators must understand this information quickly and easily, especially in critical situations, in order to derive recommendations for action.

Supported by the Investitions- und Förderbank Hamburg (IFB), WPS is working on the improvement of control room software from 2009 to 2015. In the GeneAL project, recurring problems in control rooms (such as alarm treatment and integration of a large number of information sources) were conceptually and prototypically investigated and solved. The main result is a minimally invasive approach which introduces innovations into existing software landscapes step-by-step. Important parts of existing control rooms and information systems remain. This also applies to proven workflows which are expanded at the right places and supplemented by new IT-supported possibilities.