Developing Individualized Software is a Core Competence of WPS

In 1999, we started offering our services as “Workplace Solutions GmbH” (WPS), developing individualized software that supports or replaces human activities in the workplace. Individualized software systems are always a means to a better purpose: helping our clients become more efficient. WPS has the methods and techniques to achieve this goal. The foundation and starting point for our actions is often a task-oriented requirements analysis. On the basis of our technological competence, we can support large organizations in their IT projects or develop tailored software independently and integrate it into the existing software landscape.

Our technological and methodical know-how for the development of interactive application software is comprehensive:

  • We grew up with agile methods of software development and shaped the environment with numerous publications
  • The use of sustainable architecture concepts ensures the durability of your investment in software
  • The Werkzeug-und-Material-Ansatz (Tools & Materials approach) we developed enables us to develop application software with high quality of use

Our expertise in individual software development will help provide your organization with the IT-supported resources it needs to make your work more efficient.