Understanding and describing requirements is probably the greatest challenge in a software development project. Only well-known and well-understood requirements can be successfully implemented. And if we help our clients to select off-the-shelf software, the right requirements are just as important.

Feedback is the basis of good requirements. For us, requirements assessment is a learning and communication process. The prerequisite for this is feedback – whether in direct dialogue or with the aid of meaningful requirements documents. The domain experts can only validate the requirement documentation if it is so comprehensible that it is possible to detect mistakes and misunderstandings.

Our Offer

We offer tailor-made training courses for BPMN, Domain Storytelling and requirements analysis. We also teach Event Storming and Domain Storytelling in our standardized training course domain-driven design (iSAQB® Advanced Module).
You can find our complete training offer here.
We share our experience with requirements elicitation in our WPS blog and at conferences.