Many of our customers have technically challenging projects. On the one hand, they want to ensure consistently high quality in their products, on the other hand, they can achieve transparency and security for the management on a long-term basis.
Do you have an architectural challenging task to solve? Together with you we ensure the future viability of your software landscape and your development projects.

Where is Your System Located?

This figure represents a selection of 21 software systems in Java, C #, C ++, ABAP and PHP that have been analyzed over the past six years. For each system the Modularity Maturity Index (MMI) developed by us is displayed on a scale from 0 to 10 (Y-axis) with the corresponding lines of code.

For ease of understanding, the systems are color coded: From Green (“OK”) to Red (“Attention”). On the X-axis the systems are sorted alphabetically from left to right.

The Way Out of Debt

We help you bring your system back into the corridor of good architecture. Your system will be affordable to maintain again as well as to extend quickly and in high quality.

  • Analysis of existing technical debts
  • Development of a future-oriented target architecture
  • Refactoring suggestions and advice for architectural improvement
  • Prioritization of the refactorings and improvement methods
  • Elaboration of a roadmap for the realization of methods
  • Accompanying the tracking of the roadmap

Our Offer

We tailor the solution to your individual needs with you or your service providers.

1 – 4 Day Analysis of Technical Debts

  • Tool-based analysis of Java, C++, C#, ABAP, and PHP with architects and development team
  • Discussion of the planned target architecture against the background of our Experience
  • Visualization of the gap between the implemented actual architecture and the planned target architecture
  • Development of reasonable refactorings to achieve the planned target architecture

Elaboration of Expert Opinions on Technical Debts

  • Standardized evaluation of existing architectural breaches and design debts
  • Comparison of your service providers based on each technical debt
  • Evaluating the extent of technical debts against the background of over 150 analyses
  • List of steps that can be implemented directly on the way to a better architecture


If we caught your interest and you would like to know more about software architecture and our offer, please contact us.