Twenty years of know-how from projects, problems and successful software solutions – from requirements engineering to strategic design decisions in software architecture of large scale systems. This practical experience and knowledge we love to pass on. Not only to our own team, but also to you!

In our trainings you will only encounter experienced trainers who pass on their valuable know-how to you. Benefit from real practical knowledge and skills.

In the same way, you can also have your prospective architects trained and certified by us for the iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA).

We also offer all training content offered by us as in-house training. Contact us! By phone +49-40 – 2294990 or by e-mail to

Software architecture trainings
CPSA certification according to iSAQB


Software architecture course
(iSAQB® Foundation, CPSA-F)

Acquire the nationally recognized certificate “Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level”. You will learn both state-of-the-art methods and techniques from software architects. Reflect on your own experiences with our trainers.


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11–14 November 2019, 17–20 February, 25–28 May, 21–24 September, 30 Nov.–3 Dec. 2020

Domain-Driven Design concrete
(iSAQB® Module DDD)

In order for your software to optimally support the users, you need a sound and structured understanding of the domain. This module helps you to systematically record the domain and implement it accurately in your software.

Credit Points: 20 methodical, 10 communicative competence

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3–5 December 2019, 21–23 January, 04–06 March, 12–14 May, 17–19 June, 08–10 September, 28–30 September, 10–12 November 2020

Agile Architecture concrete
(iSAQB® Module AGILA)

The agile architect is very familiar with agile methods such as SCRUM and Kanban. He knows how to integrate architectural tasks into the iterations to secure the quality of the software over a long time. Get to know the appropriate, agile techniques in this module.

Credit Points: 20 methodical, 10 communicative competence

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10–12 December 2019, 31 March–2 April, 13–15 October 2020

Architecture Evaluation concrete
(iSAQB® Modul AWERT)

Learn to evaluate software architectures. Acquire the skills to identify, formulate and test architectural requirements. Learn to include management and development teams in the evaluation.

Credit Points: 20 methodical competence

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21–22 April, 27–28 October 2020

Microservices and DevOps concrete
(iSAQB® Module FLEX)

Deliver innovation and enhancements to your customers quickly with microservices and DevOps practices such as continuous integration, automated deployment pipelines, and cloud technologies.

Credit Points: 20 technical, 10 methodological competence

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24–26 March, 6–8 October 2020

Improve Software Architectures

Do you have legacy code legacy systems that make your development slow and error prone? Then you are exactly right in this training! Learn to optimize your software and reduce maintenance costs.

Credit Points: 20 methodical, 10 technical competence

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26–28 November 2019, 24–26 November 2020

Saving money for the CPSA certification?
Someone from your company is already registered for the same training? Then you will receive a 20% team discount for your registration.

iSAQB Advanced Bundle: If you book three iSAQB Advanced modules at once, you will receive a discount of 1.000, – € on the combined training price valid at the time of booking. The total is then payable in one sum no later than 4 weeks before the first training. Unfortunately, we do not offer payment by installments.

Additional trainings
Object orientation, requirement determination, project management


Object orientation

We offer basic training for object-oriented programming.

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Requirements engineering

Because you can not develop good software with bad requirements.

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If you want to know more about our trainings, please contact us. Your contact person is Guido Gryczan.