Online and face-to-face participants in a joint event

With the hybrid training and courses, the WPS has developed a new type of training concept against the background of the ongoing corona pandemic. A training session takes place as a proven face-to-face event and is streamed live online at the same time. Participants can therefore choose whether they want to take part in the event physically on site or in real time online from their place of work or from their home office.

The use of several video cameras and microphones allows the online participants to experience the dynamics of a real WPS event and enables them to interact in the same way as the participants have on site. Loudspeakers in the training room ensure smooth and trouble-free communication between all participants.

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“Return to normality” with WPS´ hybrid training courses

Not only the trainers and the other course participants are heard by the online participants, they also see the documents presented by the trainer and a live video of the event room. You are permanently involved virtually in the training and can address any questions directly to the trainer, as they are transmitted to the training room via loudspeakers. The online participants also take part in exercises and tasks without any restrictions. In our hybrid training and courses, an assistant trainer is used, who takes care of the support of the online participants and actively integrates them into the event.

Thanks to our hybrid training and education format, online participants can easily and conveniently take part in WPS seminars from anywhere in the world without having to forego the community experience of our face-to-face events.

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All trainings are held in German. Please let us know if you are interested in trainings in English.

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