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iSAQB ARCEVAL: The value of the software architecture
In order to be able to independently and methodically document and evaluate the quality of software architectures, sound tools are in need: the relevant vocabulary to effectively describe architecture and non-functional quality features of software, as well as proven and comprehensible methods for scenario-based, code-based and metrics-based architecture assessment. This is the only way to ensure and further develop requirements such as security, changeability and efficiency in the architecture of medium to large software systems.

Evaluating software architecture: The right tool for the job
In the CPSA-Advanced module ARCEVAL you will familiarize yourself with the basics and the common vocabulary for describing architectural quality. Then you will learn to design quality scenarios and to plan and conduct assessment workshops. Finally, we will analyze the architecture of two real software systems together in the group: To this end, we will discuss different evaluation scenarios – including those based on the modularity maturity index (MMI) developed by the WPS – and make use of them. Also, we give enough space to share experiences of communication of architectural quality.

Bottom line: This is what you get from the ARCEVAL training at WPS
In our two-day training you will learn to evaluate software architectures for medium and large systems – based on source code, scenarios and other quality criteria. In the group, we analyze the architecture of an existing software system. You will acquire all the necessary skills to identify, formulate, and test requirements for software architectures. With different assessment methods, you will learn to effectively involve and support management and development teams in the assessment process. As part of the iSAQB Certified Professional for Advanced Architecture (CPSA-A), you will receive 20 methodological credit points for your participation.

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