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This ISAQB IMPROVE module is an exception, because we plan the training as a hybrid event. Please let us know which format you prefer when you register (online or on site).

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Cloud-Native: The Times They Are a-Changin’
How software solutions are designed and developed today has changed dramatically in recent times. Current applications, if they conform to the state of the art and at the same time should be maintainable for as long as possible, must meet completely new requirements: they must be scalable, fault-tolerant and dynamically placeable. Automated deployment pipelines and automatically generated infrastructure should make it possible to quickly deploy new applications and scale existing applications. Cloud Native is the magic word. But: how is that exactly?

Stairway to the cloud.
In the iSAQB Advanced module CLOUDINFRA, you become familiar with concepts and implementation paths of dynamic Cloud Native Architectures: How can applications with containers be reliably operated, with which methods do you set up targeted monitoring, and how do you establish needs-based alerting? We work together to ask how data can be managed, and what needs to be considered in microservice architectures in particular shows ways to integrate into the user interface. Together we look at typical concepts of current container managers and how they can be used to implement common quality requirements for larger web applications. On top we look at common cloud providers and try a classification. We show possibilities for automation, as well as different approaches of software development and the application lifecycle.

Bottom line: This is what you get with CLOUDINFRA at WPS
In our three-day training you will learn the basic concepts and application scenarios as well as architectural concepts of modern cloud native applications. At CLOUDINFRA, operational aspects are in the foreground. Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of Cloud Native, Continuous Deployment and learn helpful patterns. As part of the iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture Advanced Level (CPSA-A) you will receive 10 methodical and 20 technical credit points for your participation.

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September 19–September 21, 2022 German
November 28–November 30, 2022 German 



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