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To curb the current coronavirus pandemic, our training courses are currently only available as online-only sessions until further notice.

This ISAQB IMPROVE module is an exception, because we plan the training as a hybrid event. Please let us know which format you prefer when you register (online or on site).

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Respond flexibly
Nowadays, in software development, it is more important than ever to react quickly to changing requirements and to quickly pour ideas into running software. In this training, we therefore provide flexible architecture concepts and methods to bring software to production quickly and with high quality.

Microservices design
Microservices and self-contained systems are modern architectural styles with high flexibility and scalability. They allow to develop features in small independent teams and to deploy them quickly. Their strong modularization also allows free technology within the teams and ensures long-lasting architectures. Essential for a successful use of microservices is to find meaningful professional cuts. We show how to set them correctly using domain-driven design. In addition, participants learn appropriate strategies to link other microservices or legacy systems.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery
Successful software projects implement iterative requirements in software, resulting in short feedback loops. This has been known since the Agile Manifesto. The high art in this discipline is to deliver software at short intervals and thus get feedback directly from the end user: Continuous Delivery. For this to work, you have to master your infrastructure and achieve a high degree of automation. DevOps practices and tools show how to get there.

Maintain resilient systems
Microservices as distributed systems pose special challenges to the operation. The training participants learn how to handle them through scalable logging and monitoring solutions. We show the way to resilient systems, which are robust against failures and faults.

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