Business software is – at best – as good as the requirements that the software implements.

We offer tailor-made training courses on the topics of requirements engineering and business analysis. We adapt the contents to your organization, your tools, and your approach to software development. Below you find two examples of training courses we have designed and implemented: BPMN for product owners and crash course for business analysts.

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BPMN for Product Owners

When software is developed or purchased, the business processes that the software supports should play a central role. However, looking at a typical requirements catalog for a software selection or a backlog full of user stories, one can hardly recognize the business processes. There is a gap between business processes and requirements. Properly used, BPMN can, help a product owner to design coherent processes and to break down user stories.

Duration: 3 days


  • 4 views on processes: process map, scenarios, control flow, communication view
  • modeling decisions, concurrency, and error handling
  • modeling workshops with BPMN
  • from business processes to requirements


  • You are able to conduct a modeling workshop.
  • You know which kind of diagram to choose for which purpose.
  • You are able to visualize a process from four different viewpoints.
  • You can derive requirements from BPMN diagrams.

Crash Course for Business Analysts

In many companies, business analysts are a link between the domain experts and the IT department. Good business analysts act as catalysts. In practice, however, you often see the opposite.

We teach methods for requirements elicitation, show which pitfalls must be avoided and explain how business analysts can work together with agile teams.

Duration: 5 days


  • the role of the Business Analyst
  • functional requirements
  • non-functional requirements
  • “develop” and align requirements
  • manage requirements


  • You understand the tasks and responsibilities of a Business Analyst.
  • You and your colleagues have a common vocabulary for your shared tasks.
  • You know different techniques and methods of requirements engineering.
  • You can use a set of techniques, methods, and document types that are tailored to your work environment.

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All trainings are held in German. Please let us know if you are interested in trainings in English.

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